Romano & iceberg

Lettuce is popular among consumers all over the world and it is used in variety of foods from west to east. It is classified as a leaf vegetable and it is seriously vital for those people who follow a fresh-food diet. Iran due to its special weather feature has this agricultural potential to cultivate lettuce in all year round. SABA FOOD is known as the biggest player in produce and supply of lettuce in Iran and has a determinative role in the market of this product. In the company, our active Research and Development department is intensively working and investigating on different kinds of seed lettuce to achieve a proper plan which let us and provide us this opportunity to be capable to produce lattice in every month of the year in Iran.



Tomatos are known as a healthiest fruit and also have delicious taste. Tomatos are available in various forms and colors. SABA FOOD is one of the biggest tomato producers in Iran. Our objective is to increase our production capacity and export our products to global markets. The best feature of SABA FOOD tomatos is its nice red color, proper rigidity, and its long shelf life.
Tomato production is threatened by hazardous viruses and fungi in all over the world. SABA FOOD is strongly investing in breeding methods to confront with these threats and surmount them. Our target is to produce reliable, clean, and healthy tomatos.



Sweet peppers are cultivated in 12 months of the year in various colors, forms, and sizes. SABA FOOD produces blocky peppers in different colors including red, yellow, orange, and green. SABA FOOD is commited to supply sweet pepper in different ranges and high-level quality. Our targer in SABA FOOD is to improve our breeding methods in cultivating pepper at an ever-expanding range with world-class quality.



SABA FOOD provides various range of brassica family including broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. Among Brassicas family, Broccoli is recognized as an extremely healthy vegetable and is popular all around the world. Iran special weather condition and climate allow us to draw a breeding plan to produce broccoli in different climate zone and in diferent seasons. Our aim in SABA FOOD is to maintain the quality of our products at high level in addition to supply in an attractive and market-following appearance. Another Brassicas which is produced in our group is the Cabbage. We supply the Cabbage in red and white. The major threats toward Cabbage cultivation are diseases and pests. Therefore, we are developing and improving our breeding methods to overcome these danges.The last type of Brassicas which is available in the SABA FOOD is the cauliflower. The cauliflowers which are produced in our farms have several key features including reliability, uniformity in addition to good wrapper leaves to cover the curd. We are constantly improve our production programs to prevent pests attacks and diseases. SABA FOOD provides green cauliflowers alongside to the typical white cauliflowers



Several varieties of eggplant are known so far in differet shapes and colors. SABA FOOD offers you a broad range of effplants family such as Graffiti, Italian, Chinese, White, and Indian. Each spesies have its own specific shape including slender, round, and oval and also in particular colar such as black, purple, and white. SABA FOOD products have an acceptable long shelf life. Our company is highly attempting to keep the products quality and color (externally and internally) at high standard level after harvesting. Our goal in SABA FOOD is to supply different varieties of eggplant at the most possible perfect quality and a suitable shelf life



Iran is the leadest producer of cucumber in the world. SABA FOOD has a prominent place in cucumber market of Iran and supplied cucumber in a wide varieties including long, mini, midi, slicer, snack, and Asian cucumbers. Cucumbers are cultivated in different procedures here in SABA FOOD including greenhouses and open field methods.


zucchini & pumpkin

Zucchini and Pumpkin can be grown in varieties of shapes and colors all year round. SABA FOOD zucchinies and pumpkins are produced in all type of cultivation methods such as greenhouses and open fields. SABA FOOD main goal is to provide commodities at high quality and prolonged shelf life.



SABA FOODS Co. is one of the leading suppliers of garlic, dried garlic and frozen peeled garlic in Iran. These products are supplied high quality and available in specific caliber sizes to customers, and the ability to uniform products is one of the features of SABA FOODS Company. Needless to say, the packaging of SABA FOODS Co. products is unique and with the use of Nano-technology, it is able to maintain product durability.




SABA FOOD Possesses The Biggest Vineyards And Aldo Advanced Raisin Processing Equipment.Thus, It Is Named As One Of The Great Suppliers Of Golden Seedless Raisin In Iran. The Golden Seedless Raisins Are Processed In The SABA FOOD Similar To Natural Seedless Raisins.These Golden Seedless Raisins Are Collected From Thompson Seedless Grapes But Are Oven-Dried To Avoid The Darkening Effect Of Sunlight. Then, Sulfur Dioxide Treatment Is Done To Preserve The Light Coler Of The Golden Seedless Raisins. SABA FOOD Is Honored To Supply High Quality Products In Different Markets And In Various Regions

P.j.golden rasinsn


SABA FOOD holds the best quality vineyards and modern raisin processing equipment and it is known as one of the greatest suppliers of seedless raisin in Iran. In the processing of seedless raisins, fruits which are collected from Thompson Seedless grapes are nitrated-dried.The green grapes are gradually and naturally transform into brown color as drying procedure is progressed.This stage usually takes two to three weeks.The honor and morality of SABA FOOD is to supply high-quality products and offer them in different markets



Esfandiyar Mazafati dates are the most delicious and biggest-selling fresh and soft dates fruit in the market of the world. Esfandiyar dates are supplied from palm trees in Bam in Kerman because of Bam Mazafati dates have an attractive appearance with a thin skin, a black color, a great taste and flavor appealing to the majority of Mazafati dates consumers. These are first collected, then after processed; it is packing in Nano-packages. After packing, these products are store in a refrigerator, which helps to keep the product fresh.